Joy of being... impassioned by the complexities of this beautiful existence...laughing & smiling…i suffer…i am resilient…grateful...blessed...Tears, the pearls of my heart, mind, spirit, and soul are treasured and set free.***

On a mountain I sit among the trees
with my eyes wide shut,
I am stimulated by the sound of an invisible river descending.
Though I cannot see it entirely
I know it is heading my way,
pulled by credence
it twists and turns
up and around substance and matter.
Like a million soft winged birds in flight,
or a dragon through the darkness…
I am caught within its wake.
Natures dress is turned up
by this unseen force.
Leaves shimmer a song in my ears
all the while this wind-river dances around my body and through my hair.
A vision of lying on the seashore
enveloped by the oceans waves,
I am tumbling
in an ecstasy of energetic fervor.
I open my minds eye
… I see you standing before me,
your eyes in many shades of grey,
smiling. ~A 2006 (midnight hike, Boulder, CO1996)***

... the journey, siting on a beach at night, a mountain's wind-river, a clear night sky, full moon's blue veil, the aurora borealis, celestial events, rising and setting of the sun, spring's floral glory, summer's sultry heat, autumn nights and bonfires, live music, vinyl grooves, the radio, city synergy, getting lost in the 'wilderness' to find a new way home....."From myself I am copper, through You, friend, I am gold. From myself I'm a stone, but through You I am a gem!" -Rumi^^^*** ****